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Lt. Marion l. willis

About post 101

V.F.W. Post 101 was chartered on April 20, 1920 under Commander James W. Gowdy.  The post was named after Lt. Marion L. Willis, who was killed in France during WWI, while assigned to the 356th Infantry Division. He was initially a native of Kansas, though his family moved to Colorado Springs sometime before the war, and he is currently buried in Evergreen Cemetery.  His mother led the drive to establish the post on the condition that the post be named after her son, and that a memorial service be held at his graveside each year. Once established, she became a member of the Ladies' Auxiliary. We still hold this service every Memorial Day, in honor of our fallen comrade.

On August 25, 1986, V.F.W. Post 9201 of Old Colorado City merged with Post 101.

Post 101 is the owner and caretaker of the Grand Army of the Republic area of Evergreen Cemetery.

To this day, Post 101 carries on the tradition of connecting the Veterans of Colorado Springs, past and present, providing a place where they can socialize, and by providing both essential services and advocacy to Veterans in need and their families.